Outstanding Fly Fishing on the Kenai River

I invite you to join us on the canyon section of the Upper Kenai River.  I am passionate, hard working, dedicated, intelligent, honest, full of integrity and all in on this fishery.  We specialize in fly fishing for Trophy Rainbow Trout, Dolly Varden, Sockeye Salmon and Silver Salmon.  This remote section of the river runs through a National Wildlife Refuge where the wildlife thrives and commercial use is limited.  Allow me to show the fly fishing experience of a lifetime!

Clearwater video trailer: ” A taste of canyon water “

alaska flyfishing trips

Flyfishing Trips

We spend more time in the National Wildlife Refuge than any other operation on the river.  Why?  The fly fishing, wildlife and overall experience is the best.  My goal is to bring you to areas of the river where the fly fishing for Trophy Rainbow Trout, Sockeye Salmon and Silver Salmon is optimal with little to no crowds.

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Flyfishing School

  This program is designed to deepen your understanding of the eco system that Trout and Salmon live in.  You will learn fly fishing techniques that make fish bite!  Most importantly you will learn what it will take to protect our fisheries around the world for future generations to enjoy.

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 Hosted Tours

These are the upcoming 2017 dates:

  • May 25-30, 2017 in the Southern Florida Keys for giant Tarpon and Permit.
  • May 1-5, 2017 we are going back to the Bahama’s to exercise the Bonefish of Mount Pleasaunt Lodge.
  • I will also be traveling to the Maldives to researched unfished waters.
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By taking this fly fishing program you will join the 10% of anglers who catch 90% of the fish.

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“Zack, I wanted to thank you for your years of exceptional service and the product you provide. It may seem odd to call your fishing experiences as a “product” but let me explain. I have fished with you over the past five years both in Alaska and in Florida. We have fished with a number of different groups of my friends and family who have different fishing skills. Each and every time we experienced a trip that can only be described as a “Trip of a lifetime”. Your experience and passion for fly fishing is contagious, your mentoring is encouraging and your equipment is top of the line. You have crafted each and every trip to meet the needs of the customers in your boat and for this I thank you. “Keep fishing great waters well”.

Kurt Hallier

“I have had the opportunity to fish with Capt Zack on multiple occasions and have had some of the most memorable fishing days of my life with him – from catching multiple Snook at East Cape, huge Tarpon on fly at Bahia Honda, Giant Rainbow Trout in Kenai Alaska, and most recently Bonefish on fly in Andros Bahamas. Zack is a knowledgable guide but perhaps even more important a genuinely kind and friendly person. He’s not one to make you feel poorly for “blowing out” a monster tarpon or bonefish because you blew your cast – instead he coaches you so you do better next time. Also noteworthy is that his boats ( both in Alaska and in the Florida Keys ) and equipment are very good. He knows the right fly too!!”

Bill Cahill

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What’s on the Horizon?

Fly fishing for Sockeye Salmon

Pound for Pound Sockeye Salmon are the hardest fighting fish on the Kenai River.  Sockeye charge up the edges of the river in the tens of thousands creating a very easy fish to hook!  Once […]

Fly Fishing for Silver Salmon

Silver Salmon have a great bite, amazing runs and jumps.  Silver’s will stack up in the slack waters of the Upper Kenai River creating an over stimulating sight fishing experience.  Silver Salmon on fly in […]

Latest host destination trips

  • May 25-30, 2017 in the Southern Florida Keys for giant Tarpon and Permit.
  • May 1-5, 2017 we are going back to the Bahama’s to exercise the
    Bonefish of Mount Pleasaunt Lodge and relax in the Bahamian culture.
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